Clean And Sober House Waianae

Clean And Sober House Waianae
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These homes are often staffed in shifts by psychiatric nurses and licensed clinical social workers, who provide residents with 24-hour supervision and centralized recovery care. I have a strong background in substance use disorder treatment, with a BA in Psychology as well as extensive experience working in various recovery and mental health organizations. But beyond my professional qualifications, I have a personal commitment to recovery, having seen the pain and struggles of close family and friends, I bring a deep empathy and understanding to the work that I do every day. Welcome to Willow Manor Clean & Supportive Living Homes, where we draw inspiration from the unwavering resilience and strength of the magnificent willow tree. In parallel with the willow’s remarkable ability to thrive and adjust, our residents embark on their path to recovery from substance abuse and addiction, constantly evolving and adapting.

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Within our secure and nurturing environment, we foster a strong sense of community, empowering residents to cultivate the necessary skills and support systems for a sober and gratifying existence, enabling them to flourish once again. We do work with the Arizona DOC and Maricopa probation to help transition of persons that have drug/alcohol related charges with housing, but all prospective residents are screened to make sure they are a good fit for our homes. We do not allow anyone to live with us that has a violent or sexual conviction.

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We are licensed and insured, and the homes are staffed with onsite managers who are available for support, assistance, and accountability. The recovery home is a safe place where residents are empowered to engage in their personal recovery and work together as a community to promote the success of all its residents. Monarch aims to create community in our living environments filled with other like-minded, relatable, and supportive people with the same and addictive backgrounds, helping alleviate peer stressors and help the resident feel at ease. In doing so, this allows the resident to accept and recognize the short-term benefits in order for them to stick around long enough to enjoy the long-term gains seen in recovery. We have four locations in Suffolk County on Long Island, New York to help those in the area find a place for recovery. For more information about our sober living homes, please reach out to us today.

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  • We are licensed and insured, and the home is staffed with an onsite House Manager who is available for support and assistance.
  • Welcome, my name is Joshua Stultz and I live at the House of Hope.
  • I have a strong background in substance use disorder treatment, with a BA in Psychology as well as extensive experience working in various recovery and mental health organizations.
  • This fully furnished home has a full-time live-in house manager.
  • Thank you to Don and Lloyd because without them and God I could not have done this by myself.


We have seen the success of a positive group environment, as well its short-comings, and these experiences have built our foundation. We are network of luxury residential recovery homes led by experienced and motivated professionals working to provide Top 5 Advantages of Staying in a Sober Living House the best in supportive recovery services to each of our residents. Our managed after-care services are interwoven with our proven Standards and Structure model of effective structured living, all designed around the needs of each unique individual.

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The home is located near Get It Together AA hall, Coffee Rush, Public Transportation, and many retail businesses. Large 5 bedroom, 3 bath home with a lush green backyard and beautiful walking trails & lakes in the area. Treehouse is in an HOA neighborhood and an advanced Co-Ed Men’s and Women’s sober living home.

Providing the necessary tools for you to build a sober life.

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Sober living homes, sometimes referred to as transitional living arrangements, halfway houses, or recovery residences, can be a step down from formal substance use treatment programs. These homes can offer an in-between option for individuals after they complete a treatment program and before they return to their homes and lives. This transition can provide continued support while residents learn to apply their newly learned self-reliant skills to real-life situations while they remain drug- or alcohol-free in a community environment.


clean and sober homes

Originally from Seattle, WA, they have prior experience with sober house management and Christine is a practiced counselor. Some sober living facilities provide substance-free transitional housing for only men or only women, meaning men live with men and women live with women. Founded in 2015, Seattle Sober Living was the first structured sober home in Seattle. Our live-in staff create a connected and supportive community. From recovery meetings to exercise, movie nights and more… we do this together.

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Addiction is an isolating disease, but you do not have to do this alone! Call any time for details or to interview on the phone or in person. At the end of the day, we all need a quiet place to collect our thoughts, arrange our lives and rest our heads. Every Monarch Home respects the need for genuine living space and quality furnishings throughout. Each of our bedrooms are paired up to foster cooperation and benefit new friendships yet roomy and spacious enough to allow each resident the modern comforts and amenities many have come to enjoy in the past.